Lose Weight by Dieting for Just 15 Minutes a Day

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, for just 4 payments of $99.99, you can learn the secrets of the 15 Minutes Per Day Diet.

Or – for the one-time, never-to-be-repeated special offer — it’s free for those who keep reading.

There are probably thousands if not tens of thousands diet plans available on the Internet. I searched Google for the phrase “diet plan” and it returned 4.5 million results. Phew! Some tell you what to eat. Some give you the food to eat. Some tell you when to eat. Other sites simply provide tools to help you track what you eat. In the “sponsored” area for my search were ediets.com, jennycraigathome.com, dietbymail.com, weightlossplans.net, bistromd.com, trimin4.com, sparkpeople.com, and shopperswebmart.net. Trimin4 has the most intriguing headline, suggesting it can help you “lost 18 pounds in four days.” That’s has to be healthy, right? I resisted and didn’t click on the link.

Searching Amazon for the word “diet” in book, yielded nearly 51,000 results and searching “diet books bestsellers” still yielded 165. That’s a lot to make your way through. Me – I need just 15 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, I’ve dieted too much in my life and have lost over 20 pounds on three separate occasions over a span of about 30 years. (That doesn’t include the 20 pounds I lost while an exchange student in Leningrad on the vodka-caviar-potato diet.) With these diets and many more failed attempts, I’ve learned what works for me, and I’m going to share it with you, not for 4 payments of $99.99, but for free.

Before going further, let’s stipulate that the way you lose weight is when you consume less calories than you burn over a long period of time. Let’s further stipulate that exercise, eating regularly, and eating healthy foods are very important. Consuming 1,500 calories a day in ice cream while burning 2,000, just isn’t a good way to go. I really don’t think

So – how do I diet?

I diet to lose 1 pound per week. That’s right – just one pound. Losing one pound a week is easy. There are many tools you can use to determine what calories you need, how many you can eat to lose 1 pound per week, and what calories each food has. But the beauty of 1 pound per week is that there is no pressure and you can cheat quite a bit. Last year, when I lost 20 pounds in 20 weeks, I had pizza and beer on more than once, but I always followed it up the next day with extra exercise and preceded it with some days that I cut back a bit more than normal. On a few occasions, towards the end, I exercised twice the day before weigh-in, but I was able to pull it off. Losing one pound per week is much healthier than having the weight drop off quickly. With one pound per week, your body adjusts along the way.

I lose 1 pound per week by dieting for only 15 minutes per day. Here’s what I mean. 15 minutes is my estimate of the cumulative time each day in which you decide what you are going to eat then or what you will pack to eat later.

I believe that you can get as full on a bacon cheeseburger and fries as you can on a chicken breast sandwich with vegetables. You just have to have the willpower to order the latter and not the former when the waitress comes over. When you stick your head in the pantry for cereal in the morning, do you grab the Lucky Charms or the Special K (both in our pantry right now)? Have the willpower to get a salad at lunch in the cafeteria – just pay and get out there. Once you do that, you’ll eat until you are full.

15 minutes per day is all it takes. Make the right decisions in the 15 minutes you choose what to eat. You won’t eat something you don’t like, but if you make the decision to grab an apple instead of a candy bar, you’re doing well, and that decision only takes about 30 seconds of those 15 minutes. This also creates a mindset that you really aren’t dieting all the time. You are only dieting when the decision what to eat has to be made.

That’s my dieting theory. Really quite simple. Easy weight loss goals achieved through 15 minutes of decisions each day. Good luck.

Next week, I’ll talk about the tool I use to track things.


In the first week of my diet, I was undone by a) a Cardinals baseball game (bratwurst and beer), b) a charity Trivia night (bring your own crap), and c) an outing for Father’s Day (wings, pizza, chili). I lost 0.4 pounds, although I was down as much as 2.5 earlier in the week. I exercised five times last week, but not once over the weekend. I need to exercise six days per week. That would be better, as would better decisions and better planning for such challenging days in my 15 minutes per day.


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