If You Can’t Get Enough of the Vuvuzela . . .

I thought you might like to know that you can take the Vuvuzela with you across the Internet, every time you surf. Imagine that?

So, you ask, “How do I do that?”

It’s simple. Start your website address with http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk and then use a forward-slash and add the web site you want to visit.

For example, this blog would be http://www.vuvuzela-time.co.uk/www.lifewithspidey.com.

If you clicked on the left already, welcome back. You now can read the rest of the post with a young man playing a vuvuzela down in the left-hand corner.

Way cool.

If you write emails or post to a discussion board with links, you can hide this address in your link. If I write, “Hey – check out the front page of ESPN,” and if you click and go — here comes the vuvuzela.

It doesn’t work on some pages, but more often than not, you will surf with the lovely bleating in the background.

Enjoy. Turn the volume on your computer up.


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