About The Author

My name is Andy Mayer, and I am the author of Life With Spidey.

I am a 47-year-old, married, father of two living in the suburbs of St. Louis.    I live what seems like a stereotypical, suburban lifestyle, consumed with a kid in college and another finishing high school, plus a new job as of mid-December 2013.  I started this blog to provide an outlet for some writing.  I’ve not posted as much as I would have liked, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

The postings of this blog, as you would imagine, reflect my interests.  I am passionate about ice hockey in general, and I live and die with the Washington Capitals.  I also live and die with the New York Yankees.  I love to travel.  My wife and I lived in Russia for two years and we have taken our kids to Mexico, France, Japan, and all Disney properties except Hong Kong.

To know me is to know I have  “thing” for Spiderman — hence the name of the blog.  I collect all things Spiderman and have amassed quite a collection — although not as large as some I have seen on the web.  My son has inherited this “thing” and reads several Spiderman comics that come in the mail.  When we visited Japan in 2008, I brought a small Spidey with me on the trip — ourjapantrip.wordpress.com.

Now that I’m writing this blog — Spidey is going to get more exposure.

I welcome your feedback at andy@lifewithspidey.com.  You can follow me as well on twitter – www.twitter.com/stlspidey.


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