Todd Akin Makes a Name for Himself – and Paul Ryan

I couldn’t have imagine writing a post about Todd Akin before yesterday. Now, it’s a must.

I moved to Chesterfield, Missouri over 10 years ago, and, candidly, I never really paid attention to who my congressman was/is. Only in the past few years, did I realize that my congressman is a very, very right wing conservative. I voted against him every two years like clockwork, but he got elected anyway.

I knew there was a Republican primary for senator only because of the local television commercials that ran over and over and over for Akin, Dave Spence, and Sarah Steelman. I was out of town when Akin won and didn’t even know for a few days afterward that he did.

Now – everyone knows him. He’s all over the web and television. Heck, he’s even on the front page of the Financial Times’ website. Yes – Akin has made a name for himself globally.

In the end, Todd Akin has done himself harm, the Republicans harm, and the Democrats good. Claire McCaskill ran commercials telling folks how conservative Akin was and helped to get him elected, knowing that he’d make a starker comparison and an easier components. She got what she wanted.

Yes, the Republicans now have a problem in Missouri – a senate seat they hoped to pick up. The real problem, however, may lie with the presumed VP nominee Paul Ryan. Akin’s verbal nightmare opens the door for some questions.

Tell us Mr. Ryan – do you believe that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape? What’s that?

No.  You can’t change your mind, but I guess it’s too late.