I’m Back

So my last post (not about weight loss) was October 29, 2010.  That’s 121 days ago.  It’s time to start writing again.

I thought nearly every day about posting something, but just couldn’t seem to find the time or make it a priority.  I changed jobs at my company right about then.  I was about to embark on a weight loss program that I would document (but even that documentation quickly fell by the wayside).  We were also in the final stages of planning for my daughter’s bat mitzvah, which went off without nary a hitch on February 12.  (By the way – I did lose that 13 pounds in 13 weeks.)

I missed writing.  I missed writing a lot.  I had started over the summer time with a goal to write every single day.  I even created sections of my blog where I’d write on a different topic every day.  It was ambitious, for sure.  But, to be honest, I needed the blog to distract me from a very difficult time at work, one where there were many days that I thought I would get let go.  When you have very little to do, and no one seems to care, that’s a bad sign.  When you have a wife and two kids to support and you think you might lose your job every day, that’s not good for your psyche.  So, I dove into Life With Spidey and had a lot of fun with it.

Last July, I saw an internal posting for a job that could end my angst and worry and bring me back to a job I had done and loved before. I saw the job posting by accident, as I’m not one who trolls our internal postings looking for another opportunity.  Flash forward a few months later, and I am up to my gills in work that I really enjoy and seemingly have that job security that I so longed for.

This morning, I read an article in this morning’s New York Times about the writer and creator of Dooce.com.  It’s an interesting article, partly about Dooce.com founder Heather Armstrong and how she went about creating a blog that millions of folks read and partly about the phenomenon of mommy blogs.  While I have zero ambition to grow Life With Spidey into Dooce.com, reading about how she continued to blog through life’s ups and downs spurred me to sit down at my computer and start writing again.

So, it’s time to restart.  Here we go.