The Fully Transparent Diet – Down 2.7Lbs. After Two Weeks

After two weeks, I continue ahead of my one-pound per week pace, but it was not without challenges.

From Sunday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon I was at a conference in Chicago, where the food and alcohol were flowing.  If you have ever been to a conference of this type, you know that food is everywhere, and it’s not generally low cal.  This conference was not large and did not offer dinner.  That meant that evening were spent will colleagues at restaurants – at good restaurants.

Thumbs Up for Week Two

On Monday night, we went to N9NE, a Chicago steakhouse.  The food was great, and willpower was non-existent.  I had a seafood ceviche with avocado, one of those wedge salads with bacon chunks and ranch dressing, and some scallops on top of a very cheesy risotto.  The night ended with a fruit/custard tart.  I should also mention that I had two vodka martinis with olives.

On Tuesday night, we went to The Gage, which had everything from chicken noodle soup to rabbit to cheeseburgers to foie gras on the menu.  I had some fried escargot and an elk steak.  It was tasty, but when the vodka is added in, not overwhelmingly healthy.

I did do well at breakfast and ok at lunch.  I also exercised each morning I was there.  Nervous about my weight, I actually exercised twice on Wednesday – once at 6:00am at the hotel and once at 9:45pm back at home.  I am not going to fall behind pace!!

I took my Withings scale with me to Chicago, although I didn’t connect it to the network.  This was a very smart move.  It gave me weight guidance each day and, on Wednesday, reminded me to exercise.  Security guards at Lambert and Midway didn’t know what to make of a scale going through security, but they passed it through.

I actually fell to 190 on Friday, only to move back up to 190.7 this morning after a charity event last night.  I’m getting back on the treadmill this afternoon, heading towards my goal weight this week of 190.2 on Thursday.

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