The Fully Transparent Diet – Down 2.3Lbs After One Week

So far, so good.  Thumbs up for week one.

Thumbs Up for Week One

Last Thursday, I weighed 193.2 pounds.  This morning I weighed 190.9 pounds.  That’s 2.3 pounds in the first week.

I’ve done everything I said I would in last week’s post.  I’ve been auto-tweeting my weight every morning on my Withings scale.  I’ve been tweeting out what I eat each day and tracking my food via LoseIt!.  I exercised six out of seven days.  I signed up for my commitment at  I have posted pictures on this blog (via the menu bar above).

The only thing different this week, is that I have less clothes in the photos.  (That’s less clothes, not no clothes.)  If I’m going to be “fully transparent,” I might as well take my clothes off like the folks on Biggest Loser.  I hope, when I lose the weight, that these photos will sho the difference.

The key for me is getting into the “zone.”  I need to get to where I want to exercise and to where I’m able to decline food.  Over the weekend, as some of you read on Twitter, I took my 15-year-old son and two friends to Five Guys and only had a Diet Coke.  I didn’t have a single french fry.  I had a great feeling leaving the restaurant.  Being able to avoid that temptation is fantastic.

In fact, as I sit here now, there are three partially eaten Domino’s pizzas on my kitchen table.  No worries from my end.  Easy to resist.  I’m going to exercise in a bit anyway.

Next week’s goal is 191.2.  Technically I’m ahead, but no need to get cocky.  I’ve got a business trip to Chicago from Sunday through Wednesday.  Fingers crossed.


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