Week Six – 193 lbs., +1.4 this week. I Can’t Get by the Holidays.

(I’ve been traveling for a few days, and just realized this never got posted on Monday.   I forgot to his the very large “publish” button.)

When I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 193 pounds, I wasn’t surprised.  While I’m down 4.4 pounds in six weeks, I am up 1.4 pounds since last Monday.

I know why.  It’s all about holidays and family gatherings.  This past Thursday was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  On Wednesday evening, we had my in-laws and some friends over for dinner.  My wife and the wife of the family we invited collaborated on a fantastic four course meal, including matzoh ball soup and a tremendous apple pie for dessert.  On Thursday mid-afternoon after services at synagogue, my mother-in-law repeated the food fest at her house.

Sweet Kugel - Simply Irresistible

For her mother’s lunch, my wife made her spectacular sweet kugel, which proved to be the focus of my meal.  If you are not familiar with sweet kugel, I’ve included a picture here.  Ingredients include eggs, cottage cheese and noodles.  A piece is easily 150-200 calories.  Put me down for about 8 over the weekend, including some pieces grabbed the next day out of the refrigerator.

The upside of this week is that my exercise build up is progressing very well.  It wasn’t too long ago, that I was regularly running for 30 minutes at 6 miles/hour (a 10 minute/mile clip).  I started slow in week one, and now, in week seven, I will run for 35 minutes at 5.5 miles/hour.  Each week after this one, I’ll add five minutes at 6.0 mph, until I get back to where I was.  I’m having no issues with the running and, in fact, ran for 45 minutes yesterday, with all but the first five minutes at 5.5 mph.

I don’t have a break in challenges for week seven.  First, I’m heading to Orlando tonight for a three-day conference.  That means buffet meals and brownie snacks.  Then, Friday brings Yom Kippur.  Not only does that limit exercise, but the “break fast” that ends the holiday is traditionally a stuff-your-face event.  Ugh.

This is where I remember it’s all about the long term and not about the short term.


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