The Vuvuzela Controversy – Take Two

It looks like the vuvuzela is here to stay at World Cup 2010.  According to multiple news reports last night (here’s one from the Associated Press), broadcasters are going to use filters to attempt to reduce the background noise during World Cup matches and allow viewers to hear the commentary.  I think that’s the right call.

Presumably, so do Mike & Mike on ESPN — in a reversal of their thoughts just 18 months ago that I shared with you Sunday night.

If you read that post, you saw a snippet I found where Mike & Mike complained about the vuvuzela during Confederations Cup 2008 in South Africa.  Although they stopped short of banning it, Mike & Mike were clearly bothered by the sounds.  Here’s it is again:

Then on their show yesterday morning, Mike & Mike decided that banning the vuvuzela in South Africa was like banning tailgating here in the United States.  And god forbid we ban tailgating!  (Yes, I’m being snarky.  No, I don’t think we should ban tailgating – ever.)  Good for Mike & Mike to change their opinion, although I wish they had admitted it:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One last thought on the vuvuzela (at least in this post).  I found there are many iPhone applications that make the sound of the vuvuzela.  Some are free and some are not.  Few are rated highly, but that’s the fickle public.  I downloaded one called vuvuzela 2010 and it works great.  Saves room in the backpack also.


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