The Life With Spidey Posting Schedule

As I wrote on June 8, I’ve taken the plunge with a commitment to post to Life With Spidey on a daily basis. So far, so good, six days later.

To make it easier on my readers (whoever you are) and, frankly, easier on myself, each day of the week will be dedicated going forward to a specific topic, with Saturdays reserved for something random.

The Life With Spidey Posting Schedule

Sunday:                Sports — starting with tonight’s post about the vuvuzela

Monday:              Diet and Exercise — see tomorrow’s post for more information

Tuesday:              Family — 2 kids, a dog and 18 years of marriage = blog topics

Wednesday:       Travel – an interest of mine, as I’ve done quite a bit for work and fun

Thursday:           The Blogsphere – comments on things I’ve found of interest elsewhere

Friday:                 Work – when you work for a Fortune 100 company, you have a lot to write

Saturday:            Potpourri (as Alex Trebek might say)

I’ll use categories going forward to track things.  Should be fun.  Suggestions are welcome.


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