Hockey Heaven

Last night was all about Steven Strasburg.   Even ESPN had to set aside its normal NBA bias to showcase the Nats’ #37.  His performance was spectacular.   I defy anyone to hit his curve ball.  My only concern arises from memories of players like Mark Prior or Joe Charboneau.  One game doesn’t make a career.

Tonight is all about hockey.  I’m sitting in Chez Spidey writing this on my work laptop.  The home desktop has two windows up on the 22″ screen.  To the left, I have a streaming feed of AHL Calder Cup Final Game 4 between the Hershey Bears and the Texas Stars.  Texas is up in the series 2-1, but Hershey has momentum, having won game 3.  To the right, I have Slingbox up showing NHL Stanley  Cup Final Game 6 between the Blackhawks and the Flyers.  Blackhawks lead the series 3-2 and can close it out tonight.   (Even more, I’ve got my friends at Japers’ Rink up in another window, with dueling conversations about both games.)

For me, nothing is better than the tension of playoff hockey.  Both games might end up as blowouts, but it’s very unlikely. As I write, Bears-Stars is 1-1, and Flyers-Blackhawks are 2-2.
The next goal in either game could very well decide the game, even though there would be more than a period left to play.

Imagine if the Celtics and Lakers were tied early in the 3rd quarter and a basket by Kobe or by Garnett became the last points of the game.   Obviously, that will never ever happen.  For that reason, NBA games aren’t interesting until fourth quarter late.  NHL games can be decided in the first minutes of the first period.  It’s about the tension, the back and forth, the momentum, the mishaps and the superstars.

I’m rooting tonight for the Bears (the Caps’ farm team), but also for the Flyers, as I want the SCF extended to game 7.  I want one more night of hockey heaven before I see another Stanley Cup or Calder Cup raised.


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