So Much for Regularity

In his new book “The Business of Happiness,” Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis writes of six tenets to live by.  The third tenet is “Personal Expression.”  Mr. Leonsis believes that everyone needs to have an outlet, be it art, writing, or, as he puts it, singing in the shower.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but I will.  (I’ve got an 18 hour flight to Singapore coming up next week.)   I think Mr. Leonsis (can I call him Ted?) is right.  That’s why I started this blog.  I just haven’t kept it up.

I’ve been Tweeting a lot lately, but I think it’s time to move beyond 140 characters to something a bit longer.  I’ve been reading a lot about travel and a lot about hockey.  There’s some interesting stuff out there that people might be interested in.

Bear with me.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m hoping this is the start of something (again!).


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