Week Seven – 191.4 lbs., Down 6 lbs. Is Momentum Building?

After the gain in week six, I wasn’t sure what to expect in week seven.  I’ve dropped 0.2 pounds below my previous low from week five.  Some of this loss may be because my weigh-in weight from last week was an anomaly.  Not sure.  Sometime the specific day matters.

This past week, I traveled again.  This time I went to a 2 1/2 day conference in Orlando, leaving Monday night and returning Thursday afternoon.  I also went through the Yom Kippur holiday, which includes a large dinner Friday and then a fast until a large dinner Saturday night.

Conferences and business trip in general are interesting for diets.  It seems that I have less control over what I eat, but that may be an excuse.  I can’t control what the conference sponsor puts out on the breakfast buffet and serves for lunch, nor can I really control where we go for dinner each night.  I can, however, control what I order and whether I exercise.  In addition, there is rarely an opening on trips to snack during the day or later at night.  It’s hard to tell how that balances out.  This week it balanced out pretty good.

The important thing for me is not to be lulled into a sense of over confidence.  I’m sure the Yom Kippur fast helped the weight loss.  Time to focus.


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